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Thursday, Jan. 13, 2005

Well, Rob Zombie was well and duly saluted with two pints of Nosferatu by Great Lakes brewing company at the Deli last night.
Also by maximum rock and roll courtesy of the Human Brains. Man, I needed that. Most touching moment of the night---"Can't Get It Out Of My Head". They learned it for me. What a bunch of sweetiepies! I had lots of rockboy affection and I smoked cigarettes because it was the Human Brains and I thought that was a special enough occasion. I also WALKED there, in the balmy evening air, and it was so very pleasant. Freakish, yes, but pleasant.
Today was a super busy day despite the fact that it was MY DAY OFF. I slept in all right, but soon I was on to computering and phone conferencing and cleaning and planning catering and applying for jobs. Wowza. I am feeling very good about the new year, but the days just seem to be flying by!
Also today I found out that J* and her man are coming in this weekend to look at a house they are thinking of buying--just a couple of blocks away from me! It would be so cool to have the gal back in the neighborhood. Mojitos on the porch, perhaps?
This weekend promises to be non-stop again, and next week I am gearing up for birthday madness. Sissy and her gal are coming in my birthday night and staying for the weekend, which promises Ethiopian, Gourmet Vegetarian, and Dormont. Not to mention lots of hanging out and watching of the Live Aid DVD. Hoorah!

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