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Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2005

Hi there.
This might just be the longest period I have gone without writing...other obsessions have been occupying my time lately, I guess. I am involved in a round robin on an alice cooper message board that is occupying a lot of my literary energy. Also, I am working constantly all the time until I get home at 7:15ish and collapse on the couch. BUT, and this is a big big but, I am GETTING PAID. That's right, kiddies. I may spend my days doing a whole lot of nothing, but I am GETTING PAID, and gosh does that feel good. Of course, I haven't actually gotten paid yet, but it's coming. And it's gonna rule.
So, Hunter S Thompson shot himself, and there are rumors flying around the internet that he was Deep Throat, and that he got the info from his good buddy Pat Buchanan. Boy howdy, I really can't wait to see the McLaughlin Group this week! I think I should be able to see it before heading downtown for the secret spy lupec mission(please see for women's history month activities) On top of working my two jobs I am going to be doing a bunch of LUPECing and also catering a wedding on the 12th. And collapsing in a heap on April 1st, to be sure.
Anyway, back to the Hunter---the manager trainee guy at the bookstore gave me his copy of Fear and Loathing the movie with Johnny Depp to watch. I think I am going to do that now. Whilst menu planning. If I was really with it I would do laundry as well, but my multitasking can only take me so far.
Someone on another message board I frequent mentioned Elton John and now I want to listen to Empty Sky and email my old boyfriend. La di da.
Hurry spring.

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