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Monday, Mar. 21, 2005

Oh, spring!
It is so spring, it is officially spring, and it is a ROCK AND ROLL SPRING!
This weekend was so jampacked with the rock that I can hardly breathe! I feel like all that moaning and complaining I did about no longer rocking was just winter blues. Cuz seriously...I'm gonna be all about the ROCK for the forseable future.
First up...I got my Welcome to My Nightmare concert DVD in the UPS on Friday. It's totally amazing to watch, and even more amazing to listen to the hysterical commentary track by Alice and Renfield. "Hey, Sheryl, you still got that Spider outfit?" He's funny.
Then, I had to go and read tarot cards. Well, I had to be in the place where I would have read tarot cards if there was anyone who wanted them read...but it was OK as I got to catch up with my highschoolbuddy.
NEWSFLASH!!!!! Did I mention the Fixx concert? Yes, the Fixx are playing here tomorrow night. I cellphoned my highschoolbuddy in the middle of a meeting to tell her. We are SO THERE.
Speaking of which, does anyone remember those tube scarves from the 80's? I had a white one and a burgundy one. They were sort of fishnet like and knotted at both ends, to wear around your neck as accessories to your black suit jacket. Miami Vice style, maybe? I can't find anything about them on the internet, but I don't really know how to look.
Ok, so then AFTER all that I went to the pub and drank foolish amounts of beer and smoked foolish amounts of cigarettes and had a foolishly good time. The bands rocked hard and it was so so so good to be in the pub again! Also, made a date with my guitar artist to see PIGFACE! on April 17th. Probably no Jared this time, but En Esch and my beloved Martin will be there. I'm excited.
Saturday was non rocking...recovering from foolishness, hanging out at the QS feeding nobody.
Sunday, we went to THE MALL!!!! It was FUNNY! We ended up getting the new Judas Priest CD, which also has a DVD on the other side with interview and concert footage, and also we got the Alice Cooper Trashes the World DVD. This DVD makes me feel dirty. Alice wears some unbelievable pants here, and also smacks his own ass, humps a leather jacket with nails studded in it, and rubs bras and panties over his crotch before throwing them into the audience. Oh, my. It was all a little much, especially right after watching the Judas Priest DVD with all the leather and studs and motorcycle and cop hat action. A-hem.
On the way to the mall, we heard a radio spot for Ozzfest. And guess who is headlining second stage at Ozzfest? ROB ZOMBIE!!! So, kiddies, this is the year I will REALLY be going to OZZFEST. No question.
It was a rockpacked weekend, for shizzle. Hope yours was equally as charmed.

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