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Thursday, Sept. 09, 2004

Things are weird!

I can not beat the mold in my shower. I attacked it with soft scrub with bleach today and then let the fan run the entire 6 hours I was gone today and it still smells moldy. I think tomorrow I will attack it with straight up bleach out of the bottle. And if that doesn't work, it will become my landlord's problem. My rent is paid up(thanks to my generous sugar daddy!) so it's time to put those rental dollars to work. Especially since whomever originally caulked my shower did a really terrible job. It was just asking for mold, seriously.

Today was very surreal for me, as I did not work breakfast. I slept in till 7:30am and then made some entirely too acidic coffee and ate a brownie for breakfast and got down to email biznass. I emailed the locals about the debut next Thursday of Indian Feast!, and I emailed the authorities about my expense report, and I emailed the LUPEC ladies and planned a business meeting for next Sunday, and I emailed Roxie, just because. And tonight, he emailed me back. Hee hee. I seriously cannot wait until this album actually comes out so I can start pounding the pavement on his behalf. And get him to come to Pittsburgh for my birthday party.

I have known more than my share of rock stars, and I have to say I don't think I've ever encountered such a perfect bundle of cuteness, talent, and genuine niceness. Not to mention brains, and sense of humor, and love of Willie Wonka. And plus, he plays guitar for Alice Cooper every night! Mark my words, this guy is going straight to the top. At least if I have anything to say about it.

And obviously, I have plenty to say about it. And I will.

In other news, I did the dinner shift tonight because the new schedule started this week, and man, was it busy! At first I thought maybe I was just being a wuss cuz I am used to the cushy laid back breakfast biz, but we ended up doing $82 in dinner! And most of that was $3 bowls of mac'n'cheese, so that's something! Despite feeling overwhelmed I managed to bang out a big pot of caramelized onions. That made me feel better about myself. There was a band playing tonight that just sorta showed up and they were great, and at the end of the night my 45s Volume III CD magically came into rotation, so we closed the shop listening to Hall and Oates and "Rock the Boat". I made sure to grab the CD at the end of the night because I have been trying to find it in the 300 Cd changer for almost a year now and I thought it was gone forever. Hurrah!

Tomorrow is my big adventure at the Indian food store, and then my honeygirl is coming over with her shopvac so I can do something about the hideous state of my carpet. I'll tell you what, if I ever have expendable income again, the first thing I am getting is a powerful vacuum cleaner. The one I have is powerless against the amount of hair I manage to shed. And to think, I used to blame it all on the cat.

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