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Monday, Sept. 13, 2004

G'day mateys!

It feels like the first time I have left the Quiet Storm in days! I was there from 7am to almost 6pm yesterday, and from 7am to 2pm today. It's good--yesterday was Australian Brunch, which was hella fun, and then Herbie and I worked out a bunch of stuff for the new menu. Today was a slowish breakfast and then some cleaning and organizing(including dealing with the forgotten plastic bucket area under the sink) and then inventory, which always also includes cleaning and organizing. This afternoon I am planning to plug my debut Indian Feast recipes into MasterCook,and then try to catch up on the slip tallying. After two weeks gone I am pretty woefully behind. But once it's all done I am going to need to make a whole new tally sheet for all the new menu stuff, and then I am going to start making sense of all the tallying. As in, costing out recipes. Yikes! I'm excited to do it, but it's a big big project. However, if we want the restaurant to be profitable some day, it's gotta be done. Time to get out the scale and start weighing the tofu!

Other than Qs stuff, I've been doing very little. Went to a fun party on Friday night and got drunk on three measley beers! Granted they were two McKewan's and a Rouge VS, all very high alcoholly kinda beers. But still.

Got to dance to choice cuts with one of my favorite girls who was in town for the weekend after moving to the Big Apple. Got to see a lot of friends I don't see much anymore cuz I no longer rock.

Did the big Indian Shop which was a lot of fun. I bought all kinds of big bags of various dals and also some pounded rice, about which I am extremely excited. Then I got a new container of asafoetida! I have been working out of the same container of asafoetida since about 1990, I think, and although it does not seem to have lost any of it's stinky power, I thought something slightly fresher might be in order for the big Indian Feast. I have been unable to find the Krishna sanctioned Yellow Cobra brand, but since I don't imagine I will be feeding any strict Vaishnavas on Holy Days, I'm not too worried. Next time I go to the Indian store I swear I'm getting some edible gold foil. I made a bucket of sweets one time for a friend of mine in Albuquerque and I used the gold foil on them(and camphor! hee!) and it was really fun. I am just so very excited to be able to cook like this for people again. I have a feeling it might just change my life!

In the meantime though I am currently finishing off the amazing spaghetti and meatballs I made for dinner the other night. I've never been much of a red sauce kinda girl, but the other night I made the best red sauce I might have ever tasted. It's all basil and fennel and red pepper and onions. Yee hoo. The meatballs are not garlicky enough, but as I didn't actually have any garlic and was digging the last of the powder out of the jar, that's no surprise. But they're meat, and in these heavy flow days, that's what a girl wants.

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