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Friday, Sept. 17, 2004

Thanks to the magical combination of a couple of days of hard work getting ready for the Indian Feast, and a couple of beers and a couple of kareoke songs with Herbie as our usual after Indian Feast celebration(foreshadowing!), and the rainrainrainrainrain, I managed to stay in bed until 11:30am this morning. (I say stay in bed rather than sleep in because I did wake up at 8:30 and watch a smidgen of morning TV. I guess I should add the total non-stimulation of morning TV to the magical combination..)

I think I needed it, and I definitely wanted it, and as Friday is my official goof off day(more foreshadowing!) I was happy to make it so.

I promised Herbie that I would do nothing QS related today although I may make a liar out of myself and tally some slips. The new menu is so exciting to me that I can't wait to see what people are ordering.

So, to recap---Indian was a success in that everyone who came loved the food and the atmosphere was fantastic and we all had a really really good time. It was not a success in that I didn't have nearly the crowd I expected, but on the other hand it was about triple previous Thursday night dinner sales so it was a success also. I have a feeling that momentum will build. The sooji was so delicious that even if no one came I would have felt happy just to have the opportunity to make it again. Man, those Indians know their stuff when it comes to sweets.

Then after Indian Herbie and I went to the Get Go for cigarettes and then to Pleasure Bar for kareoke. Where we ran into numerous cute as a bug lesbians and grooved on the happy kareoke vibe. I sang "Beth" and "I Never Cry". Beth was great--I Never Cry was less so because it turned out to be one of those "Sweet Georgia Brown" kareoke disks where the music is midi generated and in a different key. But still---fun. Herbie did Sheryl Crow and "These Eyes" which was a tour de force. The guy sitting near me who was sort of trying to hit on me(us?) really enjoyed it. A delightful group of young queers who called themselves "troup jazzercise" did a stirring Pat Benetar number and got the joint jumping. A cute young fellow did a fantastic Billy Idol. There were of course plenty of typical drunken kareoke performances that are delightful for what they are. I heart kareoke. I am so glad that it is to become our usual after Indian nightspot.

Tonight I venture out into the gale force storm to have drinks with my highschoolbuddy at our usual spot and then to Melwood for a gallery opening and Working Poor performance, and then if we have it in us maybe we'll make it over to the Rex for the Sci Fi Idols. I'm listening to them right now and loving it so much I feel like maybe I can rock again. Just maybe.

Tomorrow will feature a lot of laying around and then going to see Willie Wonka on the big screen. I will of course be thinking of my rock star boyfriend and our mystical Willie Wonka connection, and I will no doubt cry big tears at the end, like I always do even though I have seen that movie a million and one times. If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it.

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