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Thursday, Dec. 09, 2004

Q: what could be worse than running out of coconut on rum ball #154 at 9pm, getting re-dressed and walking down to the grocery store all bundled up to try to prevent the throat scratchy from getting any worse due to exposure, cashing in all the change from the alienhead totalling $4.93 so you can also get the cans of pineapple you need for indian soup, getting to the express check out to find an incredibly rude check out girl having trouble with the receipt printer, letting her ignore you for about 3 minutes, letting her ring you up without a receipt when the assistant asks if it's okay, walking to the liquor store to get tiny bottles of rum for further balling, getting home to discover you somehow didn't get a bag which happened to contain the coconut you needed to continue the project, calling the giant eagle at 10pm and having the phone ring for like a minute and a half, finally talking to someone named Bill who says he will leave your bag at the customer service desk and you should just tell them that you talked to Bill, even though you don't have a receipt for your stuff because the check out girl totally ignored you?
A: getting out of bed and getting dressed and walking down to the grocery store AGAIN all bundled up and having to wait for 10 minutes in line at the customer service desk and running in to your ex sweetheart's babymomma and then having the snippy blonde woman at the desk tell you that there's no bag, there's no one named Bill that would have answered the phone, and she was there until 10:30pm and didn't know anything about it. She gave me the stuff anyway, but made me feel like shit and a liar. AND THEN, Dimebag Darrell was shot and killed at point blank range onstage in some club in Columbus. WTF is wrong with this world??????
I've got a lot to accomplish today, so I can't spend too much time worrying about WTF is wrong with this world. But I will say a prayer that DBD's family and the families of the other victims and all the poor people who just wanted to see a good metal show and instead had to deal with shooting and mayhem will be alright. These are sad days.

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