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Friday, Dec. 10, 2004

Wow, I'm more upset than I really have any reason to be about Dimebag Darrell. I mean, I don't think I could identify a Pantera song if my life depended on it, but I have always thought he was a nice character. He seemed like a very loveable bear of a heavy metal dude. I guess it's just the senseless tragedy element, coupled with the fact that yet another stupid thing has happened in OHIO. For petessakes, maybe we ought to just wipe it off the map? I mean, I'm FROM there, and I still have a lot of ties and good memories, but Ohio seems to be in the news for giant fuck ups a lot lately. I'm just really sad that such a thing could happen and I'm REALLY sad anticipating the onslaught of tighter security and everyone being paranoid that someone is going to pull a gun on them at a rock show. We shouldn't have to think about that shit when we are enjoying our rock and roll!
Today I am going to immerse myself in further rum balling, and then later this evening I have the PRESS coming to talk to us about The Elyria Tarot Co. I am very excited about this, and hope that our shameless self promotion emails do the trick and we get a lot of business tonight. Not only for the publicity aspect, but also because I could really use some extra dollars tonight. I have about enough cash to my name to pay for my travel expenses over the weekend, and that's it. Sigh.
Alright, better get on it. Happy Friday to all!

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