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Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2005

So, birthday. A wild time. The meatfest did not disappoint--we ate competitively for 3+ hours. Taking smoking breaks in true fall of empire style. It was glorious. Herbie made sure the meat man came by with roast pork for me, since it was my birfday. Sweet.
Friday was a blur--cooking, cooking, cooking. happy birthday to me. Late night dinner at the mexican place. Hanging with the Boston girlz.
Saturday the snows had hit, bigtime. We managed to work our way out to Ethiopian lunch, and then I was in for more cooking, cooking, cooking. Saturday night service was fun---despite the blizzard, we did $100+.
Afters, we headed up the slippery Mt Gooski for Science Fiction Idols. Sigh. Some old rockabilly/blues guy opened the show and made me so very sleepy. And plus, HE is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Not Alice Cooper. That made me salty.
The Sci-Fi Idols were off their game. We left early.
Sunday, up up early for brunch. It was fun, not too busy. Listened to the CD my sis made for me featuring new Duran Duran, Scissor Sisters, Le Tigre, and William Shatner. Gingerbread pancakes with pears and walnuts were a hit. Then out to Dormont to visit with the family. A good dinner, and then to our gay uncle Tony and his latin solid gold dancing lover Jose's place. (this is an in joke. It's really a bar) It is scary to be in a tiny bar packing with rabid, drunken Steeler's fans.

Oh wait! My Father. Got for me. A Birthday Cake. And Card. And Birtday Money. This represents a historical moment. No such thing has occured since he had a wife who would take care of these things for him.

On to the scary drunken Steelers fans. Oh boy. They watch football like it was the Rocky Horror Picture Show. There are chants timed to specific occurances on the field. It was surreal. My favorite burlesque girl appeared, and later my brother told me stories of having to carry her into her house. Whoo boy.
Father and his GF were so drunken they could barely stumble to THE CAR. They do this all the time, but we were lucky enough to be offered my brother's car to drive home. Happy birthday to me, I did not have to die in a fiery wreck.
Cut to late night VH1classic ALTERNATIVE. My favorite birthday present besides the bed.
Monday morning I woke up early and did some dishes and watched more videos. Later, sissy's GF was revealed to be seriously ill, which meant I stayed in one spot on the couch for TWELVE HOURS. It was exhausting.
Tuesday and I was back in the saddle again. Sissy and GF got onto the road finally in the afternoon, and made it safely home. I cooked until 3pm. Came home to hours on the computer. Gilmore Girls and SVU. Birthday cake for dinner!
Today I made the MOST PERFECT OMLETTE, and ordered myself two magazine subscriptions for my birthday. Gourmet and Harpers. Later I will head to the strip to shop for cheese and fruit.
More catering on the horizon! Possible assistant managership at the old spot! Nothing like returing to the scene of the crime. I can't wait.
And also: GLAMROCK!

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